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Wall Tiles
Rosabella 🧱 tiles are available in a plethora of designs and patterns. Wall tiles price ranges around Rs  per sq. feet and above. Moreover, these designer tiles for walls are mainly available in porcelain and ceramic materials, both of which provide durability and strength to the tiles. Some of the popular sizes for wall tiling are 300x450 mm wall tiles, 300x600 mm wall tiles and  300×300 mm wall tiles. You can choose between wooden, marble, cement, slate and geometric styles. ODH Leon Grey Light, ODM Cassio Grey DK and ODG Leaves Grey DK are some of the popular wall tiles available at Rosabella

300 x 300mm FLOOR TILES

300 x 450mm WALL TILES

300 x 600mm WALL TILES

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We are manufacturer & exporter of quality ceramic wall tiles. We entered into export market with 450+ design and because of that we are best known as Most Innovative Company of ceramic wall tiles in India in the international market.

For an export customer, we are happy to provide custom wall tiles design facilities. Entered in the global market with the aim to make Rosabella presence in each corner of the world. Our export facilitation center will take care of all the export operations since order place to reach the product to your doorstep.

Our standard & secure packing facilities will minimize the loss and breakage in transportation. Each box of tiles are packed in a cartoon and then each box is shrinked wrapped to ensure safety of the material. Then these boxes are loaded on the pre designed pallets

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