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Khanapara Teer Result Today 04.07.2022 Live Now: Friends, Here In this post you can find Khanapara Teer Results, Khanapara Teer Common Number, Khanapara Teer Result List, Khanapara Teer Previous Result, Khanapara Morning Teer Results, Khanapara Teer Counter Result and More Khanapara Morning Teer Result Related Information Given Below This Post. Read this article Carefully.

Khanapara Teer Result Today

DateF/R (3:15)S/R (3:45)


Khanapara Morning Teer Result

DateF/R (11:00)S/R (12:00)


Khanapara Teer Result Yesterday

DateF/R (3:15)S/R (3:45)


Khanapara Morning Teer Result Yesterday

DateF/R (11:00)S/R (12:00)



Khanapara Teer Result Today 04.07.2022

Are You Finding Khanapara Teer Results Today, So You Are the right website, In This Website You find Khanapara Teer Results and Juwai Teer Results, Shillong Teer Results?

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What is Khanapara Teer Results

The way different types of Satta games or lotteries are played in every state is the same way. You get to play this game with the people of North East of our Indian country such as Khanapara Shillong etc. This game is played a lot. In this game, we have to invest some money and in return, if you become the winner then you get the money manifold of those invested money.

So if you want to play any such game and you are from Khanapara Shillong or another North East area then you can make an effort to win money by playing this game.

How to Play Khanapara Teer Game

Such games are organized in or around Khanapara, Shillong, Bhutan, etc. The way you have to guess a number and put money on it inside the Satta, in the same way, it is also there, but here there is some change in its rules. Where this game is organized, there are also many counters, where people from thousands of rupees to crores of rupees as a bet.

According to the information we got, it is said that this game is legal in the state of Meghalaya, we also know this game by the name of the arrow game, so let's know the unique things about this unique game. Just like betting, why don't you have a number in this too if the arrow goes to your chosen number then you can also get ₹ 80 of ₹ 1.

The person who put money on the last 2 points is made the winner according to that game and whatever amount or amount was given to the winner is given to him. If you want to play this game online, then for this you have to go to Google and search Khanapara Teer Game Play Online, after writing this much, you will see some websites in Google's search results.

Now you will not have to check yourself whether this website is correct or not, after registering there you are given a login ID and password. So using this login id and password, you have to log in to your Khanapara Teer Lottery Game account and after that, you have to add some money to the wallet of this game.


This Website Always Update the Assam Teer Results so friends please always visit this website. Our Website cover all the result related to Dear Lottery Result, Nagaland State Lottery Result, Assam Teer Result. does not advise to play any lottery games.

How To Download Assam Teer Results

If You are an Assam Teer Ticket's Buyer, and you want to download Assam Teer Result at the correct time follow these steps below. these steps help you to get Assam Teer Result Download at the correct/exact time.


  • Go and Visit Assam Lotteries Official Website

  • Click on the Lottery Result Option

  • than find Khanapara Teer Result

  • Click to download today's Result

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