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Why do girls close their eyes while kissing?

  Why do girls close their eyes while kissing? Kiss is the best way to show your love to your partner. Loved Kiss. Reduces the distance between partners. But young women often close their eyes while kissing. Know why There are many scientific reasons behind this. Which we are showing you today. So let's find out why girls close their eyes while kissing. Scientific reason According to psychologists, the brain cannot focus on two things at once while kissing. This means that if you have to pay attention to the signals received by the eyes while kissing the brain, this becomes difficult. This interferes with the sensation process of the brain. Which causes the eyes to close. Emotional cause People feel close to each other while kissing and want to feel. They want to bring their full support, cooperation and sense of security to the partner. One wants to forget the world by getting lost in the other. Outside objects and noise can distract you if your eyes are open. So people close thei

Bhutan Teer Result Today - 101% Hit number

Hello Friends, In this post we provide you with Bhutan Teer Result, so if you want to know Bhutan Teer Results Today 04.07.2022 read full this article carefully. Here, On this webpage, we will Update all Teer results at the correct time. If you have bought the ticket Bhutan Teer game then you must know that the Bhutan Teer Morning Results is released every day here.

Bhutan Teer Result Today

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)


Bhutan Teer Result Yesterday

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)

Bhutan Teer Previous Results

Guys, here we provide you Bhutan Teer previous results list because someone lost to check the results, and then after he searches old or previous results so we will update these results with you. Bhutan Teer Previous Results list published below date-wise and time-wise.



F/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)

9 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)

8 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)

7 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)

6 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)


5 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)


4 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)


3 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)


2 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)


1 June 2022

DateF/R (4:10 PM)S/R (5:00 PM)

Bhutan Lottery Result

Khanapara Teer Result

Shillong Teer Result

Juwai Teer Result

Bhutan Teer Results Overview

Lottery NameAssam State Lottery
Draw NameBhutan Teer
Result Date02.07.2022
Result Time4:10 Pm & 5:00 Pm
First PrizeUp to 70 lakhs
Authorized ByState Government
Result StatusLive


Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: All the information contained in this website (dearlotteryresult.co.in) is for general reference and informational purposes only and is NOT all-inclusive. We do not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the Information. So use this given Result or Infromation from this website at your own risks.
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