Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Six things about women that drive men away!

There are certain qualities in women that usually tend to annoy men. If you want a healthy relationship, you must avoid saying or acting in a certain way with your boyfriend.
The first mistake that usually all women make is to try to make their spouse/boyfriend jealous, thinking that would fetch them attention. But in most cases, it irritates them to the core. They do not like to be manipulated or being ignored.
In some cases, it can cause a strain between them as men usually tend to see things as it is. If he sees you with another man, it will only lead him to believe that you're either playing with his feelings or being too smart for your boots.
Over possessive
Over possessiveness freaks men out. It's good to care, but too much of clinging and nagging and that `I need to know everything you do` streak tends to scare men away. Men are usually known to be commitment phobic and the more you show the possessive side of yours, the more it will drive them away. Just try to take things slow and do not get annoyed or jealous on small issues. Give him the space you both need and let things flow accordingly.
If he didn’t text you as often as he did yesterday, just let it be. He might not even be thinking of it. While you may feel ignored and hurt. 
Cry Babies
Ladies, try and reign in your emotional side. Yes, at times we do need to be comforted, cared for and need a shoulder to rely but too much of emotional blabbering and cribbing about your day-to-day issues can get on the nerves of your partner. 
Now, if you are the type of woman who will end up making a fuss about broken nails, smashed perfume bottles, bad hair day - do not expect him to reach out to you and calm your frayed nerves. This may sound normal to women but for men it's just excessive drama. So the more a drama queen you will be, the less he will bother for that melodrama.
Men are not psychic
How many times have we had a cold war with our respective partners for not having understood what we wanted to convey without telling them? A girl's `fine` may just not mean fine. 
They want their partners to probe further if they are upset with them. But a man's mind is not attuned that way. He simply doesn't care to think out of the box. If you say fine, he will take it as it. 
If he asks you, `What's the problem`?, then instead of looking daggers at him and saying, `Don't you know`? just be straightforward. Men do not like mixed signals, so they probably wouldn't even care to dilly dally here and there.
Spare him the negativity
Breathe. Relax and let it go. Do NOT turn off your partner by asking relationship goals and being constantly negative about your relationship.
Where are we going with our relationship? Don't you love me anymore? Am I not good enough for you? Have you found someone else?
Instead of doling out such statements, be happy and make the most of your time with him. 
Don't change
Girls usually have that tendency to change and revamp everything about their partner. Once the relation starts to build up and moves to a more serious zone, they usually want their partners to change. Trying to change someone according to what you want is not at all healthy in a relationship. Accept the person that he is instead of constantly complaining and criticizing everything about him. Appreciate for what he is. If some habit of his is bothering him, confront him and share it with him rather than cribbing and expecting him to change his lifestyle in a fortnight

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