Thursday, 16 April 2015

An 8-year-old girl makes $127000 a month making baking videos for YouTube

YouTube stars are becoming more and more like Hollywood's celebrities, with hordes of screaming fans and generous incomes. 
But it turns out that they may be making even more money than you think.  
AdAge recently published a ranking of the top YouTube stars according to their estimated monthly earnings.
The data was compiled by Outrigger Media, who focused on the top-earning channels in two genres: beauty and style, and food and cooking. 
The top earner in the food and cooking genre is a channel called CharlisCraftyKitchen, which features videos of an eight-year-old named Charli sharing baking tips.
According to Outrigger's estimates, Charli's channel generates an average of $127,777 in ad revenue per month. That's taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue. The channel gets an average of 29 million views each month — in March, it had 29,133,270. 
Charli began making her videos in 2012, when she was 6. Her five-year-old sister Ashlee also plays a role as chief taste tester. The girls have made tutorials for everything from Minnie Mouse Oreo pops to jello popsicles inspired by "Frozen."



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